+How is TopView™ licensed? Can it be purchased outright?

TopView™ is licensed as an annual subscription. There is no option to purchase TopView™

+What is included with the cost of a license?

In addition to the TopView™ software and security key, active licensed users receive support, training and all updates.

+Is there a volume discount for multiple licenses?

If you are purchasing more than 5 licenses you should contact a TopView™ representative at 888-264-8865.

+Can a single TopView™ license be used on multiple computers?

Yes. TopView™ uses a physical security key which can be used on any computer with TopView™ installed.


+What are the system requirements to run TopView™?

Any machine running the Windows operating system can run TopView™.

+Can TopView™ be installed on a Mac?

TopView™ can only be installed on a Mac running the Windows operating system.

+How much hard drive space does TopView™ use?

The TopView™ program is less that 10mb and each project is less than 1mb.

Training & Support

+Is support available for TopView™?

TopView™ support can be reached at 888-264-8865 or at

+Is training available for TopView™?

Training is available for all active license holders. Click HERE for details.